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  • Yida Holdings (Xiamen) Co., Ltd

    Yida Holdings (Xiamen) Co., Ltd

    Yida holding (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of window panel
    lenses in China. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, R & D
    and sales. Headquartered in Huli District, Xiamen City, the company has "
    Xiamen Yida industry and Trade Co., Ltd." and "Yida Technology (Shenzh-
    en) Co., Ltd.". It covers a total area of 7000 square meters, with more than
    380 employees, and technical backbone accounts for more than 60%. The
    company has modern ten thousand level dust-free workshop and local 1-
    000 level dust-free workshop, and the monthly production capacity of lens
    panel reaches more than 5 million pieces. It has a variety of advanced vac-
    uum coating machines, laser cutting machines, CNC mirror processing eq-
    uipment, automatic UV, screen printing equipment, coating, guiding edge,
    polishing and other complete equipment, and has a number of patent tec
    hnology. The products are widely used in communication industry (such as
    mobile phone, fixed telephone window lens, decorative panel), financial t-
    erminal industry (POS) Electronic industry (such as MP3, MP4, DVD, calcul
    ator, electronic notepad, electronic photo frame, digital camera, electronic

    Xiamen Yida industry and Trade Co., Ltd. mainly produces PMMA (acrylic)
    and PC materials as the base materials for windows, function panels, me-
    mbrane switch panels, nameplates and nameplates.

    Shenzhen Yida Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces glass based AR, AF,
    Ag, AFO (anti fogging) coated optical lenses.

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