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  • Technology


    Invention patent: zl2014100400495.7 a preparation method of flat mobile phone lens:

    Practical patent: zl201520511580.0 a kind of adhesive and film pasting tooling

    Through the installation of suction holes on the body of the film machine, the product can be firmly adsorbed on the body of the film machine, which can effectively
    improve the work efficiency and product quality, and reduce the problems of easy moving, poor film quality and low efficiency of manual film pasting.





    Practical patent: zl201521031559.7 for acrylic mobile phone screen bending angle machine

    The bending angle machine of the utility model adopts the concave convex die design, the workpiece with bending angle is arranged on the female die, and
    then the punch is pressed down
    by the handle to realize the bending of the workpiece, so as to improve the work efficiency and product quality of the bending angle machine.


    Practical patent: zl201521033425.9 is used to automatically capture the transmission structure on the laminating machine


    The first roller pair and the second roller pair have a total of 4 rollers, which have the advantages of high film wrapping efficiency. At the same time, the two roller
    pairs are parallel to each other to avoid the film distortion on the two film rollers


    Practical patent: zl201521031402.4 drawing of suction cup table for mobile phone screen board production:

    Practical patent: 2l201621049888.9 a hot press

    By using electromagnetic heating roller and coating heat conducting oil on the surface of electromagnetic induction coil and inner roller, the heating roller has
    good thermal conductivity and heating performance, greatly improving heating efficiency and saving energy.


    Practical patent: 2l201621049847. X punching machine drawing:

    Utility patent: 2l201621050027.2 a hand-held slag remover

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